About Me

I am Neville Sherriff, the owner of Talk 2 Printing and Business Communication in Hermanus, a company I started in March 1994. I’ve prepared Patient Information Forms – and other medical stationery – for over 400 medical professionals throughout South Africa.

“But,” I hear you say, “you’re based in Hermanus … how is that possible?”  Well, while I do service many medical practioners in this area,  it is through medical consultancy and service companies that I get the bulk of my commissions.  I’d like to think this is because I offer reasonable rates and a fast, efficient service – which is why they trust me to protect their reputation with their own clients.  Producing a form is one thing, but good service includes providing secure backup of my clients’ designs (hard copies, 2 hard drive systems, cloud storage), and solid admin systems so that files can always be located within a short space of time.

I’m no longer a youngster, so I have great respect for others’ requirements and their demand and expectation of reliability. If you ignore the fancy words, it means I have a good work ethic. That’s what my clients say, anyway, and I hope they can’t all be wrong!

By the same token, I consider myself as being flexible and open to learning new things.  So, if you have something new which I haven’t encountered before, I’m happy to give anything a go.