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Anaesthetist FAQ Sheet for Patients & Relatives

Anaesthetist information brochure for patients and their relatives This anaesthesia brochure or leaflet provides information that: explains the anaestheologist’s role and functions details the risks and possible complications explains post-operative pain relief measures informs on actions prior to the hospital visit as well as before the procedure itself. An anaesthesia information document can be produced […]

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Anaesthetist Patient Info Form 02

Like example 1, this patient information form used by an Anaesthetist is an A4 or an A3 sheet folded in half.

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Anaesthetist Patient Info Form 01

This example of a form used by an Anaesthetist is usualy produced in an A5 folded form. Or, it can even be A3 size folded to A4. It can be combined with a “Patient and Relative FAQ” which is then produced as a booklet. See also the category on Anaesthetist Forms Other.

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