Receipt Book 02

Receipt Book 02

This file contains 2 files: the WORD and a PDF version, as printers prefer to work from a PDF file.

Example 02 contains 10 receipts on the page. Each receipt is numbered. Although this layout gives you more receipts per book, it all depends on how much information you require per receipt.  There must be enough space for your receptionist to write in the required information.

As things can get quite hectic in the average medical practice, it is best to have the books printed on carbonless paper.  It costs a little more than inserting a loose carbon sheet beteen the pages, but it saves a great deal of time.

The books usually have a hard front and rear cover.

You can have the books printed in 50 duplicate pages, giving you 500 receipts per book, or you could opt for 100 pages in duplicate, giving you 1000 receipts per book.  Thicker books, however, can be clumsy to handle and are difficult to page over once one is halfway or more though the book.

It costs more, but you could opt to have your logo printed in colour on the top copy.

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