anaesthetist patient FAQ

Anaesthetist FAQ Sheet for Patients & Relatives

Anaesthetist information brochure for patients and their relatives

This anaesthesia brochure or leaflet provides information that:

  • explains the anaestheologist’s role and functions
  • details the risks and possible complications
  • explains post-operative pain relief measures
  • informs on actions prior to the hospital visit as well as before the procedure itself.

An anaesthesia information document can be produced as either a double-sided A4 or an A5 “booklet” (an A4 folded to an A5 size). When produced as a folded A5, it can even be incorporated into a booklet which contains the Patient Information as well. This latter format is useful when the patient takes the information form home with them, fills it in there and returns it on the day of the operation

The sample below shows the inside page of an A5 information sheet (an A4 folded to an A5).

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